Upcycled Craft: For Fun...And Income

Ever wanted to have a booth at a flea market or farmer's market but have nothing to sell? Or are you running out of creative juice on home-made projects that can generate income?

Ice-Cream Stick Trivets
A trivet is an object placed between a serving dish and a table to protect the table surface from heat damage. Often, trivets are made from compressed cork material, silicone, wood and metal. This is a very easy project. All you need is plenty of ice cream sticks, a glue gun and lots of creativity.

There are no steps or rules for doing this project. Creativity and imagination goes a long way here. Just remember to glue where you need the sticks to hold.

For more creative ideas on your next ice-cream stick trivet project, you can Google and find some such as these below.

Creative trivet made from ice-cream sticks and wooden craft beads
A triangular wooden trivet design
Stack-up trivets

Plant Label Ice-Cream Sticks
Another simple art and craft project using ice-cream stick is to make plant labels. These always come in handy with potted plants or plants in the garden. You need only ice-cream sticks and some water-resistant crayons or marker pens to get started.

Again, there are no actual steps for this project. Creativity and imagination is the key here.

For more creative ideas on your next ice-cream stick trivet project, you can Google and find some such as these below.

Candy colored ice-cream sticks make pretty labels

Ice-cream stick plant labels with beautiful bird prints. If you have stamp set, you may use those too.

Hand-written labels on ice-cream sticks glued on used chopsticks. What a great idea!

Rock Painting
Rock painting can be relatively inexpensive as a hobby. And they make great paper weights. However, to do it well you might need to make a small investment in paint colors, books and/or brushes.

To start, all you need a nice smooth palm-size rock you can find in the garden, a few brushes, a dozen acrylic paint colors, a pencil, some chalk, a container of water to rinse your brushes, some paper towel to wipe dry your brushes and old newspaper to line your working area.

Watch this video and learn how to paint a ladybug rock:

For more ideas on your next rock painting project, you can Google and find some such as these below..

Art rocks

Owl rocks

Pet rocks

Heart rocks

Rock Necklace
A rock necklace is essentially a necklace with a rock. Simple as that. All you need is a small piece of rock, a hemp string and a glue gun.

1. Cut a half meter of hemp and glue the middle of the hemp string to the back of the rock.
2. Then, wrap the hemp string around the rock as many times and as many ways as you like. Remember to secure with glue where you can.
3. Once done, you can either tie the ends together or attach silver necklace catches, and you're done!

For more creative ideas on your next rock necklace project, you can Google and find some such as these below.

Simple rock necklace with hemp
Rock crochet pocket necklace
Drill a hole on the top of the rock and loop in the hemp string

Dried Flowers & Herbs Sachet
Scented aroma sachets are not just for grannies to put in their drawer. They make great gifts too. These small lovely bags containing dried flowers and herbs can fill an area with beautiful aroma, and add a touch of cosiness and nature. Often, they are used to scent drawers, clothes, closets and more.

All you will need is some organza fabric (or even a clean sock), a needle, matching color thread, some dried flower petals and/or herbs and a small ribbon.

1. Fold the organza fabric into the size of sachet you want and cut out your desired shape.
2. Sew up the sides leaving the top side open
3. Fill the bag with dried flowers and herbs
4. If you like to enhance the aroma, you may also drop a few drops of essential oil
5. Once you're done, either sew or glue the bag close. You can also use a ribbon to tie the end tightly

For more creative ideas on your next dried flower and herb sachet project, you can Google and find some such as these below.

Lavender sachets made of handprinted white linen
Simple organza aroma sachet

Creative felt sachet that comes with a love note

Fine cotton cloth sachets

Happy crafting and hope to see you at the next farmer's market